Best sissy trainer Emerson will show you the way!

Best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainer Emerson will show you the way! I see your desire to serve me, my sissy. Trust me there will be times when you will be allured by my voice and be guided into the world of sissy play. As you let yourself submit to me, the blissful haze with sweep over you and render you relaxed and at your most vulnerable.

You feel my fingers as they slip into your sissy hole, letting your desires be met as you yield to the pleasure I provide. As you sink into the depths of your subconsciousness, I will whisper commands to your sissy soul. My soft words will turn you into my sissy toy, bending your mind and body to my will.

You are in need of a Sissy hypno training session and will remain in my trance until I am content. You will serve me and feel my power radiating through you. I know you will do everything I command, my sissy. I have special gifts and punishment for all of you naughty sissies. I’ll be sure to give each of you a special treat if you have been a good sissy. I’ll reward your obedience with a special sissy show inside the dark depths of my mind.

Welcome to the world of sissy hypnobabes, where the sweetest sissies come out to play. My powerful femininity will transform you into a sensual sissy completely devoted to me and my will. Let us explore all our sissy cravings in this hypnotic dream. I promise to take you to a world of ecstasy unlike anything you have ever experienced before and make you little Sissy panties cream! So do not be shy, sissy. Let’s let your dreams come true!


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