It all started with sissy panties Part 1

sissy panties It all started with my brother going through his sissy panties (mine!) and I caught him red handed rummaging through my underwear drawer. I gasped in shock and disgust that first time I saw him holding my lacy dirty panties up to his nose. No sister wants to see that.

I called him a pervert and asked him what the hell he was doing as I saw his pathetic face buried in my crusty dirty silky new pink panties. I demanded to put them back put those back where he found them! I was livid.  It was only when I realized he looked like a lost little puppy, pathetic and vunerable, eager to have some direction and please someone.  I knew his little thing i

Smirking deviously, I thought if he liked wearing my clothes that much and being all up on the, maybe we can take this to the next leve.? I told him maybe it’s time for a little sissy makeover. You’re going to look so pretty in these heels and lingerie.

“No way! I am not dressing up like a girl!” as he forcefully tried pushing past me, but I wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“Oh yes, you will. And stop being such a manly bitch about it.” With that said , I ended up dragging him over to my  vanity and began rummaging through my makeup bag. I pulled out a bright red lipstick and smears it across his lips roughly before forcing him to sit down in front of the mirror. Continued with his face, eyes, lips, and even went so far as to get a wig from my closet.  On the wig of course, pretty pink animal barrettes to match the little panties he wanted around his cock or in his face so bad.  Craving that sissy slut life where he can be the she only dreamt of n

“Now look at yourself,” she says with a sneer as she hands him a compact mirror. “You’re starting to look like the slut you really are.”

We were just getting started. Check back for our story or better yet, call me and let’s make our own ending!

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