Best Sissy Trainer Coraline Knows That No Two Sissies are the Same

best sissy trainerThe best sissy trainer understands no two sissies are alike. There is no cookie cutter recipe for all sissies. Some sissies just want to get pegged and wear women’s pretty clothes. Some sissies just want to be beta males to an alpha female. That can include fluffing cock, eating creampies and things like that. Some sissies crave humiliation, and some abhor it. Some sissies want black cock. Some sissies only want white cock. Some sissies want no cock. I do not judge my sissies. I know that we can be turned on by different things. I listen to my sissies.  I ask questions and we create a sissy plan. I am best known, however, for my love of big black cocks. I pass that love on to most sissy boys. If they did not come to one of my sessions with a love already for big black dicks, they likely develop a love for them quickly. I am a BBC sissy trainer. I do have a black bull posse that I like to utilize with my sissies. I can train you with black dildos, but honestly, nothing is better than the real thing. The thing about black men is that they often go both ways. Black men do not care who is sucking their cock as long as their cock is getting sucked. They do not look at it as gay or even bisexual. White men freak out if their balls touch another man’s balls while double penetrating a woman, LOL.

Most of my sissies are black cock faggot wannabees. Many do have real experience with big black cocks, but not all. I can work with what is in your head. I can listen to you share your real experiences too. Like I said earlier, I know that not all sissies are the same. Not even all black cock sissies are the same. Some just want to fantasize about BBC and some want help going out and getting the real thing. The only thing my sissies share in common is that I am their sissy training mistress.

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