BBC sissy trainer like me love taking out our feelings on you

BBC sissy trainerI was having a very bad day as a BBC sissy trainer, and I decided to take my anger out on the first guy that paid me for some private time. Thing is, I like to have a lot of fun when I’m getting out my internal rage. I’m not the type of girl that throws a punch or really hurts people, no, I like to fuck with their identity. I like to make a man, not a man anymore. I like to strip him of everything that made him what he was and turn him into my private little plaything for all my fanciful desires and amusement. I like to take him by the shirt and kiss him with a mouth full of jizz. I like to make sure he swallows every single string of that hot creamy delicious treat. I make sure he likes it too, because if he doesn’t then I get another, and another, and another until he’s out of breath just from how eagerly the femboy training slut scoops it out of my mouth. That’s just step one, step two is making him get that cum himself. I make him kneel on his knees and start sucking my prize stud until he’s got a mouthful of what he deserves. My studs are all rated for a perfect evening cumming down sissy throats until they’re raw. I don’t play around with either roll really, I get what I want every time and disappointment leads to stricter training. I don’t let anyone get away with being a weak willed little boy. They’re girls now, my girls, and that means they have to impress or suffer through humiliation phone sex until they do! I’m the best around, I’m the most spiteful at the very least, and I have standards far higher than the weak bitches that serve as competition for my cute sissy.

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