BBC sissy trainer with sissy hoe on vacation

I went on vacation with my favorite sissy whore. Since I am a BBC sissy trainer i had planned the first night to a night with a big bull. My sissy whore was going to show off the training I have given her. First she has to wear her slut outfit I have picked for her. It makes you look easy to use and I like that. You worshiped my feet while we waited for our big dick bull. When he got there I told you hoe as to greet him with your mouth wide open. I wanted him to fuck your slut mouth right away. I watched as you took his big black cock in your mouth just like I trained you to do. I watched as your sissy clitty got hard in your Sissy panties. I knew it was time to get you fucked. I slid your panties to the side and you knew what was coming. I got you fucked hard until your sissy cunt got filled up with semen. When we were finished I reminded you that this was just the beginning of our vacation.

BBC sissy trainer

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