BBC Sissy Trainer Coraline Knows Size Matters Most

bbc sissy trainerI love being a bbc sissy trainer. Many men in my community know I am a size queen. They know I prefer black men to white men. I am not submissive to any man. The black men I fuck, respect me and make me cum. Some white guys, however, cannot understand that. I am not sure what is so hard to accept. My neighbor had the audacity to call me a race traitor. He sometimes sees black men coming and going from my place. He has never said a word to me until this week. I was doing some gardening, and he came to the edge of the fence and started calling me names. When he said I was a race traitor, I knew he was just butt hurt that I was not fucking him. I thought before I responded. I could not let his racism and disrespectful talk go unchecked. He needed put in his place. I let him think that I would let him set me straight. He came over last night. He thought he was getting lucky. He did get lucky, just not in the way he expected. This phone dominatrix fucked him, but he did not fuck me. I bet you know where I am going with this story, don’t you. That is because you are a sissy bitch who loves to be pegged. Steve, my neighbor, however, did not know what pegging was until I had a ten-inch black dildo in his ass. He screamed so loudly that I was certain the neighbors could hear him. Well, the other neighbors. As I pegged his ass, I schooled him in what I deserve and laughed at his three-inch white wonder. Did this small dick loser really think a woman as hot as me only deserved his underwhelming dick? Men. I was clear that he was my bitch now. I told him with such a small dick, he belonged in sissy panties. I also told him if he ever disrespected my choice of lovers or me again, he would get a black cock not just a black dildo up his ass.

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