BBC sissy trainer for my sissy bitch to milk

The best sissy bitch I have has some long sexy legs and plump round ass. I love that because when I dress her up, I can put anything I want on her, and it looks really good. I want a pretty bitch I can use for a BBC sissy trainer to fuck. My sissy bitch has been trained well. She knows what to wear and what to clean when she walks through the door. I want her on her hands and knees, crawling to my shoes and cleaning every heel. He makes sure to use his mouth and tongue until they are shiny and clean. When he is done if I have a cummy mess my sissy bitch will clean all that too. I will squat over your sissy worthless face and squeeze the leftover nut into your mouth. You better swallow it all little bitch is what you hear as I smack your sissy clit. That makes you squirm, and I love to see you squirm. Mistress will then call my bbc friend into the room and I will pull you onto your knees. I open your mouth and I shove his bbc right in your mouth. I make sure you use your sissy mouth to milk his cock.

BBC sissy trainer

I want to make sure you milk him no matter what. I’ll just rip your sissy panties off and shove them in your mouth as he bends you over and pushes his big black dick in your sissy pussy. Your moans and screams are muffled by the cute panties you had on. When we are done, I put you in your cage until it is time for more chores.

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