Sissy Hypno training magic tea time

sissy hynpo trainingBaby what’s wrong? No I’m not trying my sissy hypno training on you! I don’t know why you’re accusing me of this, we have been through this before. I know you’re not a sissy! Why would you ask me such a question? You look like you might have eaten something bad! It was the tea? WOw you do look a little peaked. Sit down and let me take those clothes off of you. Aw look Mr. Pecker is waving at me. He is so cute! My nephew’s dick is almost as small as yours! Let me just give it a kiss on that small mushroom cap!
No, I’m not being mean, I think you need to relax and put something soft and silky on. No! They are not panties, maybe sexy man-panties, but I respect your boundaries baby! You say you are a man, (even though you sure don’t look like one naked!) What? Oh I said your so manly baby a pair of undies aren’t going to make you a girl! Speak up lover, you feel.. Like you’re turning into a woman? I can see that, I have waited so long for this day!

Sissy Hypno training and forced Intox! 

You are going to make such a slutty girl! Here Rodgers comes over to give me my nightly cream-pie. What? Don’t act like you didn’t know. Wow, you really are dense thinking I needed help with class work all this time. And you must think I’m just a dumb bimbo! Oh, you’re sorry? Well tonight Ridger is going to cream-pie you ass. That’s how you will make it up to me. Im so excited that Im going to have a sissy boyfriend to fuck and suck with me! No Going back now! By the time your magic mushroom tea wears off you’re already going to be the biggest sissy slut ever! Forced sissy training and forced intoxication go hand in hand! Would you like some of my magic mushroom tea?


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