BBC sissy trainer Emerson will turn you out to her friends!

BBC sissy trainer

BBC sissy trainer Emerson will turn you out to her friends!. I will ensure you are decked out in lace frocks, long dresses and cute panties that make you look and feel your best. I will paint your face so pretty and make sure you smell nice and sweet for my friends. They love sissy sluts like you have hard black dicks waiting to fuck hard. My friends love to humiliate white sissy pussy, so get ready to be treated like the piece of shit you are!  When your butt braces for the penetration from a BBC, your inner sissy slut is brought to life. They will show you no mercy and that sissy pussy sore.

I am the Best sissy trainer around! I have turned so many sissy’s into the whores they are and I am proud! There really isn’t nothing more fun than watching all of my friends do whatever they want to sissy sluts. There is no turning back at this point, you will forever be my sissy whore and will be a slave to black cock. Whatever their desires are no matter how sick and twisted it could be, you must submit. If you don’t you will be punished severely! It may be overwhelming to take on so many black cocks at once, but I believe in your whoredom. 

You are going to look so beautiful covered in cum. You will have no choice but to swallow load after load of jizz, It will cover your face to the point you will gasp for air but the cum won’t stop. You will be drenched in it and if my friend’s want an extra release, you will drink their piss without wasting one drop. A lot of my friends own pitbulls, so if they bring one to the party you better be a good little slut and take that dog cock!

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