Phone domination with Genesis will put you in your place

Phone domination

I had always loved to feel in control so Phone domination came naturally. I had used my power as a woman since I was young, commanding the attention of those around me, with a sultry gaze and a never-ending confidence. My femininity, combined with my ambition, was admirable, and I was determined to use it to my advantage.

At university, I quickly rose to become one of the school’s most influential people, forming a large group of loyal admirers around me. With this came a newfound excitement that empowered me and made me feel alive. I loved being fought over and having the control over who I’d spend my time with.

One day, my friends proposed an intriguing idea—to take charge of some of the men they knew and put them through their own paces. We wanted to show the men just what it felt like to be in the hands of a strong woman.

Of course, I was fully onboard with the plan. I found the challenge thrilling, and it gave me an opportunity to prove that I could handle them all. While some of the men were hesitant, their nerves only fueled my desire for control even more. I made sure to keep them guessing, always keeping them on their toes.

Within a few weeks, I had all of the men in my circle competing for my attention, and I found herself feeling energized and powerful with each of them graveling at my feet, and begging for shopping trips to be my sissy. The thrill of having men in the palm of my hand was intoxicating and I loved every minute of it.

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