Cucksucking 101

Sissy Girl TrainingWatching a sissy suck cock can be so amusing. The cock hungry little whores just try to swallow the things which may make the guy cum but won’t necessarily be a mind-blowing blowjob. It lacks a key ingredient that linger with a man after he gets his dick sucked. That my sluts is the art of the tease. If you want to ever be considered among Arabelle’s darlings then you will listen to my advice and learn to utilize it. Any man can find a whore on a street corner to devour his cock for a quick 5 minute nut, but a real woman no matter how salacious have class. I can give a man a blowjob that will have his mind reeling because I know how to take my time. I know how to use my skills to tease every inch of his cock and balls. While still catering it to what he likes. You need to listen to the sounds he makes, test out his super sensitive areas and see how you can make him squirm beneath you for a change. That’s how you become the best cocksucker you can be.

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