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Attitude Adjustment on Sissy Girl

Best sissy trainer

All of my sissy boyrs are so good and sweet but some love a little punishments ! Sissy boy Marc had some attitude for me today so I took him to our playroom! I stripped him to just his pink panties and spread his little ass hole and ass cheeks nice and wide! I pushed in a thick and long dildo that I could make in about eleven inches by just a push of a button. He moaned with a little pain and began to take the flogging to his sweet and cute ass that sometimes hit a little sweet spot, pushing his dildo in deeper! I laughed and watched as he came all over himself, I shoved his face in it and watched as he licked and cleaned up his mess!

A Mistress and Her Slave

Best sissy trainer

I love making a grown man take out his worthless little cock and get down to his knees for me. I came home with a pussy full of cum from my big black cock boyfriends and I had my naughty slave lick me all clean. Don’t worry babe, he deserved this. He decided that since I was gone, he could masturbate and cum without my permission! Can you believe it? He licked up every last drop of that bbc cum for me as a good sissy bitch should. I had my boyfriend come over and spread his ass to dry fuck his little tight shit hole. Is this going to be you next baby? Are you going to be a bad sissy girl or be a good one so I can reward you?

Sissy Punishment

Best sissy trainer

You were a bad boy! Get down there and start sucking on those daddy cocks. I hope you feel the humiliation of all these big black cocks watching your ass they take turns in between fucking your stupid little sissy faggot face and my pretty cunt. I am letting them fill me up full of their hot loads of cum so after I can make you lick it all up clean. When they are finally done and tired, I tie you down to the floor on your knees so you can not go anywhere or do anything until I say so! All you can do is bend over and lick. Now, start sucking all this cum from my pussy little bitch!

Prepare Your Man Pussy

Best Sissy Trainer

Using you as my pretty fuck boy is always hot fun for my mistress cunt! Listen, when I say fuck boy I do not mean you get bitches, you are a part of the bitches! You are ready, right? Put those panties on now! The red pair with the bows and do not forget those heels! You know I love to fuck you with them ahaha! Bend over bitch boy. Spread those faggot ass cheeks and let us all see your pathetic man pussy. Open your mouth and suck on my heel bitch. All seven inches of it need to be wet so I can fuck your asshole with my heel while all my big black cock friends watch and get ready to fuck you next! There, spread wide. I love seeing your face in that mirror as I push into you with my foot!

Let Me Teach You Sissy

Best Sissy Trainer

My best friend and I love to teach sissy faggots like you hard lessons. There are no limits here and you may just get a big black cock shoved down your throat as soon as we get you to put you onto your knees! We bring in a buff, black bull with a hard cock. Open that sissy faggot mouth, wide baby. He shoves it into your mouth nice and deep. You can’t help but gag and choke on his huge black bull dick! Swallow him down. His precum is leaking down your throat. Swirl the tongue all around it little faggot bitch. Now take it nice and deep, get it wet and spread that ass wide apart for your asshole to get force fucked by his hard cock, and me, and my girlfriend will just laugh and laugh as we plan your next outfits!

Sissy Mistress Laughs At You

Best Sissy trainerYou know my favorite faggot always sends me the cutest pictures of him in his lingerie and a fat black cock in his ass! Did you also know that my boyfriends love to talk to him and make him feel like the pathetic little cuckold he is! I was sitting in a group with my boyfriends and one other girl when I got the pictures and messages from a sissy slut wanting to be used up! So, he dressed in his pretty little stockings and leaked precum all inside of it while we laughed and laughed at his sissy ass behind fucked by big black cock! my boyfriends love being mean and forcing sissies like you to suck their cocks baby! 

Your Mistress Punishment

best sissy trainerYou are always trying to get yourself in trouble, aren’t you!? With your small cock and pretty princess skirt, you are just begging for it. I want you to remember this punishment the next time you think you can just cum without permission from your mistress. Get onto your knees, bend over and start sucking on the twelve-inch, punishing strap-on! There get it nice and wet, dripping! I want it dripping in your spit to be ready to have it shoved into your ass hole! Such a fucking sissy bitch aren’t you? You deserve to be treated like the dirt under my shoe! You don’t deserve to ever be touched by a hot slut again because here, now you are the dirty little whore!

Mistress Marissa’s Your Queen

Best sissy trainer

Oh, what a good sissy you’ve been! But, I find it funny that you think you deserve a reward from me only just for being good? It’s like what a parent says, baby! Yure supposed to be good all of the time and be extraordinary if you really want a reward for something! you need to do something special for me, can you do that? Starts by stripping down and showing me that worthless cock so I can tease you and laugh at it! Now bend over and take any cock that I give you! You didn’t get a warning or even told what size cock it is, you just have to take it! Now, scream for all of us little faggot! Let us hear you.

Nympho Sissy Trainer

Best Sissy trainer

I am such a horny sissy trainer! that’s why I love sissy bitches like you. I get to be shoved full of cock and cum and show you what a real cock is supposed to be like hahaha! See this one daddy dick, and how he’s as thick and a soda can and as long as a ruler? That’s a real daddy cock and he’s going to ram it into my dripping mistress cunt while we laugh are your short ass dick! So pathetic is what you are. You can’t even jerk your worthless sissy cock off because you’re so tiny! Keep those girly, sissy panties on and watch closely. You’ll never make a whore scream like this you little faggot! Spread your ass and get ready for daddy!

Sissy Trainer For Faggots

Forced Sissy TrainingGet in here and get on your knees! Already such a good faggot aren’t you? Were you practicing to be a good little cumslut for me and all of my bbc friends? Oh, how they are going to tear into your worthless faggot body! They do love fresh meat such as yourself! They’re all excited to see who is going to fuck that precious shit hole of yours first! They have cocks bigger than you can imagine ever pushing inside of yourself! For me, you’re going to enjoy every bit of it! You’ll take those big nigger cocks while dressed up like a fucking slutty faggot and make a cum mess all over yourself! Once you do, I expect you to lick it and clean it all!