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New Sissy Came To Play

Best Sissy TrainerI had a new toy come for a visit to play recently! She was so sweet, gentle, and kind that I almost felt bad for letting my big black cocked daddy friends tear into her like a piece of meat! Just like me, she loved to dress up, she wore a black, shiny strapped garter belt, a matching pair of satin black panties, and a sexy, push-up bralette from my favorite sissy story! My daddy friends were instantly hard at the sight of her! She was bent over and had cock shoved down her throat to coat those black dicks and get them wet before they fucked her so hard she was screaming and cumming for them! I wonder who my next little slut toy will be?

Best Sissy Trainer for a Sissy Faggot

Best sissy trainer

Here I am for you, your sweet wife called me and my men with their huge, hung cocks over to take care of you while she is away getting cock from her hot, and also hung daddy! Now that I have you in my hands how about you strip down! Right haha! That little cock of yours, no wonder she needed to go out for a different dick, your is barely a couple of inches if that! No slide on these crotchless panties for you so we all have and easy access to that pathetic and sissy shit hole! Start sucking on my daddy’s cocks, I want to hear you gag, I want to hear you choke! Be a good faggot for us, sissy bitch!

Sissy Bitch Listens To Mistresses

Best Sissy TrainerI love treating little bitches like you as faggots and putting you I your place! How about you come here hun and let me show you where you belong! We can start with getting you all dressed up in a pretty pair of panties and white, lacy lingerie! I’ll show off all of my sex toys that can be used on your holes, like that faggot mouth and that tight shit hole that deserves to be stretched nice and wide. Here I have a black strap on, already attached and on while you’re on your hands and knees! Start sucking on the dildo stuck to the wall, I want to hear you choke and gag on it like the little faggot bitch that you are. 


Best Sissy Trainer Loves New Toys

Best Sissy TrainerI see I have a new brat to tame tonight don’t I? Your pretty girlfriend sent you in here right? Oh yes, she’s lovely indeed! I got to have some fun with her this afternoon and sucked her pussy as she told me all about you! hahaha! Quite the screamer too. She said you were nothing but a little pansy bitch just waiting to become who you really are. So, are you ready to become the sissy you deserve to be so you can stop disappointing that sexy girl of yours? Get on your knees! Crawl naked on the floor for me on all floors! Those pink panties are laid out just for you little faggot. Try them on and come out to meet some new friends!

Best Sissy Trainer Loves Fucking

Best Sissy Trainer

Bend over and take big black cocks for your mistress Marissa. You are to be in proper attire from now on but I’ll tell you what that is soon enough! Only the best kinds of sissy faggot panties for future reference of course! now down onto your knees and open that faggot mouth. Yes, nice and wide or me. You’re going to practice your cock sucking while you are away from me and I want to hear the practice every time you come back to me. Maybe you will be rewarded with bigger dicks. Now then, be a good faggot and start getting ready. dress in what you have and bring your biggest dildo to ride and fuck on for me!

Sissy Forced Play

Mistress Phone Sex

Teasing a little sissy is all good fun but recently I had a little slut who deserved to be treated the way they were! I showed my sissy video after video of what was going to happen to them in their future training since the was new! We watch so much sissy fucking porn, sissy punishments, sissy rewards, went over what they will be wearing and doing as my personal sissy slave. They will be entertaining all of my boyfriends when I am away and then clean the cum of so many men out of my cunt when I arrive home. Finally, we had our fun as I forced him to get high and play with his tiny little sissy dick!

Mistress Celebrates On You

Best Sissy Trainer

I have had such a good day and the best sissy trainer that I think I deserve to have some fun with my favorite sissy slut boy! I want you all dressed up in some stockings, heels, and a skirt! Then find a top to match it and you will be all ready for my pleasure. Bend over and spread your ass, I’m going to rub oil all over it! Get you nice and slick. I have a few hot daddies walk in with glasses of champagne for me and hard cocks for you! They spit on their cocks and begin their attack on your body. You have several cocks fighting for dominance in your mouth and then for your ass too! You can feel your body being covered in hot, thick, and creamy cum!

Sissy Trainer Fucks You

Best sissy trainer

Did you know that as a sissy trainer, I find pleasure in bringing you down to your knees and making you beg and cry for release? I love to see how painfully full your balls look like with a cock ring on just begging to be let god of all that cum building up to be shot out of that tiny dick of yours! Cum here and let me see those pathetic tears in your eyes. Such a sad sissy faggot fuck! That is why I have this strap on to fuck you with! You are completely and totally owned by me and you will do whatever I please for my pleasure only! Come and show me that you mean it!

Punished By Hot Mistress

Best Sissy Trainer


A little faggot cunt like you really needs to learn his place! You do not deserve to be a man…no a boy! Anymore. All these pretty ladies are tired of your whimpy little bitch self trying to get some when you with your little fucking cock do not deserve it! Turn around and pull those pants down! We are getting rid of that tiny clit and balls, you now have a pussy and a mouth for all these hard daddy dicks to use up and fuck. Such a worthless cunt like you deserves to be begging for more cum in your holes. You will eat cum the rest of your life and never touch a goddess like me again! Cum and beg you little piggy!

Daddy Cocks for the Sissies

best sissy trainer

Aren’t I really the pretty girl who you work with? I noticed your sissy traits pretty quickly, especially when I caught you staring at my big black boyfriend! So I sent a pair of high-heeled boots to wear to work along with a butt plug and a note telling you to wear them both to work! I have a surprise! When you get to work you see me with my boyfriend and we drag you to the back to play! we take a look at your ass and laugh and shove that dick deeper down your throat. If it’s not in your mouth, I want it all in your little tight shit hole! We laugh as he spreads you open and force fucks you.