Marissa’s Panty Wearing Whore

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I have been playing with my sissy boy so much! Carter has a huge fetish for lacy pink panties. I have been making him wear them to work, to the store, all over the place! Just this morning he was almost caught in them while letting his pet outside to potty and his neighbor was drinking his coffee on the back porch! Carter had to hide so fast that his neighbor didn’t see his small cock in those pretty pink panties! When he came back, his little sissy clitty was so hard. He grabbed his giant pink dildo, sucked it wet, and fucked himself by how surprisingly hard he was from almost being caught! As long as he keeps being a good sissy girl in those panties, he won’t have to show off those panties to his neighbors!


    • Sugar on July 8, 2022 at 2:50 am
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    Marissa loves sucking my clit when I fuck daddies BBC

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