New Trainee for Best Sissy Trainer

Best Sissy Trainer

As your best sissy trainer, I need to take care of your pathetic cock. It is so small I can’t help but laugh at you every time you pull out that pathetic shrimp dick. You like to be called names like this don’t you, you sick fuck? Take off those sissy clothes you aren’t even worth wearing! Now, let’s see you get bent over and fucked by a hard daddy cock! Haha, spread your ass hole nice and wide while this big black cock comes up behind you baby. Mmm, he is enjoying the view right before he rams you nice and deep. You can feel the stretch and burn of your ass hole as he rams you. He just spits on it because he wants you to feel the pain but he gets it all the way in! Are you ready to be his cum dumpster baby?

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