Are you kidding me?

best sissy trainerOkay so this little sissy bitch thought that he could give ME orders… ummmmm not sure who the fuck he thought he was but he definitely had the wrong one for that! I was so pissed from the absolute disrespect of it all that I unloaded on his lil wimpy ass. First of all, I slapped him right in the mouth because he wasn’t gonna talk to me like that and then I punished him. I made him dress up like a baby, diaper and all, and then forced him to be gangbanged by perverted men that love lil sissy babies. I had that bitch taking so much dick down his throat that he wouldn’t be talking to anyone for a week, let alone trying to order his Mistress around. They were tearing up that lil pussy of his too, he was so sore in the end that he couldn’t even sit down. And after all that was done, I made him bend over my lap and paddled that sore bottom of his until it was bruised up, trust me he won’t be forgetting this for a while!

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