Sissy girl training

Sissy girl training“Mistress Genesis may I speak please?” I allowed the pathetic sissy to speak, something I rarely allow during Sissy girl training. “I…uh, um…” he couldn’t spit it out, he was too scared. I slapped him across his face, and put my heel on his chest digging it in and ordering him to fucking spit it out already. “I have never had my ass fucked before can you please take it easy? I just don’t think I can handle a strap on that big!” He was almost in tears with terror, but his cock was still rock hard if that’s what you want to call it. So small and measly, I would like to call it an oversized clit! A clitterdick! I laughed in his face and said “Oh silly sissy! Absolutely not! You do not get special fucking treatment around here!” I laughed some more, “Oh no, you’re going to have your ass fucked just like every other sissy that went thru this training with me and if you resist I promise it will only make it worse for you.” He nodded his dead and I dug my heel in deeper giving him a look that told him he was to speak. “I mean, yes Mistress.” I smiled and got my strap on ready, knowing that this stupid sissy would soon be split right in two!


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  1. Bitch boy

    Mistress Genesis may I be your toilet slave, please.

  2. weaksissy

    i wish i could be Your sissy

  3. Kent

    Mistress I need you 2 nite! Nobody does it like you!

  4. George

    I want to serve you.

  5. Jim

    You are fucking hot

  6. Todd

    I need a sweet hot slut like you to suck my cock.

  7. Richy

    Oh Goddess, I know I don’t deserve your presence. But I’m begging you, please, will you fuck my little clittydick too?

  8. Sissy Callie

    I am not worthy mistress.

  9. Milton

    Goddess Genesis, may I please have the pleasure of you fucking my little sissy clit with your big strap on? I’m ready for my training, Mistress.

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