Your Collection Of Sissy Panties

Sissy pantiesYou can tell a lot about a sissy based off of their panty collection. A sissy with no panties oftentimes resorts in theft. The stealing of panties from their female partners or room-mates, and even family members. You are more put in the panty boy category for me then a dedicated sissy. Now a sissy who has a collection of thongs, G-strings, and anything flimsy that’s a sissy slut. You want more than anything to be on your knees or bent over, to be treated like a whore. Your secret wish is for that attractive coworker to spot those strings over your work pants and change your life forever. Now of course we can’t forget about the ruffle darlings, with the puffy panties filled with ruffles, and lace. You want to be pretty, you want attention, someone to tease you in a caring way. Sometimes you’re a sissy darling or little one needing a strong mommy to comfort you. Of course these are generic categories I’ve come to notice over the years, you could have a mix of panties. Or be a complete panty addict. So go on and open your panty drawer, tell me about it and let’s see what it has to say about you.

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