You Need A Forceful Queen!

forced sissy training

Oh, you don’t want to be turned into a sissy? I think you do. You keep talking about wearing panties and sucking cock with lipstick on, so I think that qualifies. I think what you need is some forced sissy training and before you know it, you will be ready and willing to be the sissy you’re meant to be. And if not, oh well. You can keep denying your desires all you want, but we both know that you’re going to be secretly glad that I’m helping you transform into a perfect little sissy slut.
I am more than willing to push you down onto your knees to suck cock. You’ve been talking for so long about how you’d love to do it. You want to taste that cum in your mouth and swallow it. At least that’s what you say. I’m here to stand right behind you and hold your head still while he fucks your mouth. You might choke and gag, but that’s okay. I really don’t mind and I don’t care if you mind. This is what you’re meant to be doing so just be a woman and deal with it. That’s just the beginning of your sissy training, but don’t worry. We’ll get to the rest soon.

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