You haven’t seen pathetic until you’ve seen my sissy maid training sissy’s

Sissy maid trainingAs my sissy maid training protege, you love the feeling of serving me and making your mistress happy. It’s a rush like no other to know that you can bring a smile to my face just by doing simple tasks around the house or dressing up in feminine attire for my pleasure.  I demand that you wear stockings, heels, and frilly aprons while performing your duties as my personal servant. Sometimes I even make you wear lingerie underneath it all which adds an extra layer of excitement (and discomfort) as it rubs against your growing arousal.

I often test your obedience by asking you to perform acts such as cleaning with your tongue or presenting yoursef in various positions for inspection – always ensuring that there is some element of humiliation involved so that both our desires are met during this dynamic exchange between us. When training you further into being the perfect sissy maid, I may have you kneel at my feet while brushing them or massaging them until they reach satisfaction; these acts not only showcase submission but also serve another purpose: teasing each other sexually without directly engaging in intercourse since we’both enjoy the taboo nature of our relationship. Plus you don’t deserve anyone doing too much with that silly thing between your legs. So I know you don’t expect much, because, well, duh!

I also like it when you clean other areas of the house with your  tongue, such as scrubbing floors or washing dishes – these tasks are not only degrading but incredibly arousing for both parties involved. Overall, being my sissy maid is an exhilarating experience, or so you say all the time.  You would think one would have some self-respect and just say no but for some pathetic reason, you continue to beg me to do tasks and please me so woh am I to  filled with humiliation and pleasure that we both secretly crave in this unique dynamic between us.

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