Adult phone chat lines for ABDL Sissy girls in diapers

Adult phone chat linesAdult phone chat lines for ABDL Sissy girls. Mistress Z Has a soft spot for babysitting sissy girls in Huggies.  Something inside me loves to humiliate them and make them crawl around like tots. One of the fun things I do is tease them with adult toys and make them perform perverted acts for my amusement. Little Lacie, an adult diaper lover with a small penis, finds solace in the comfort of her wet diapers. She loves to have her little girl clitty nice and wet in a sagging Huggie. Little Lacie is an ultra fem baby-gurl.

Adult phone chat lines for ABDL Sissy girls.

She loves big ruffle dresses and outlandish bloomers covering her sopping mess. Running around with her dolly she makes me have to catch her for a diaper change.  She loves to get her diaper changed, especially when I make it fun for her. She always giggles when I spank her bum and make her do silly things. I have a big princess buttplug with her name on it. Lacie doesn’t go boo-boo in her Huggies. She makes yummy cummies for her babysitter! Lacie is so much fun to play with as I make sweet sounds to get her little clitty leaking in her huggies.

SPH, ABDL, And more taboo fun with Mistress Z!

Never fear if your an Adult sissy baby who needs a strong babysitter. Mistress Z is the ultimate Adult diaper lover sissy trainer. Pull on that diaper and prepare for SPH and Diaper Sissy humiliation training!  Lacie loves to role-play with her babysitter and I will punish you just like I do her if She doesn’t obey me. Zoey will put you in diapers and give you a spanking if you misbehave. This femdom loves to make you wet and messy in your huggies.

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