You Can’t Leave Until I Feminize You

Forced feminization


You know you can’t leave this room without turning into my sissy, right? You have no choice but to submit to me. There is no way to escape my power. I want to watch you turn from a manly man to a feminine little girl. All you will think about is cock and how to do anything to suck it or fuck it. You’ll wear sexy dresses that show off your figure. You’ll wear heels and makeup that makes your legs look amazing and your face look like a whore’s. The way you walk and talk will be girlish, showing off the feminine assets that drive guys wild. Why would you want to leave when so many goodies are in your future when you trade your boxers and pants for panties and skirts? It looks like you’re a bit more resistant than I thought. I might need to strap you down so you can try on some panties for me. Won’t that be fun?

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