Femboy Training My Daughter’s Best Friend with Her

femboy trainingMy daughter’s friend needed femboy training. He came to her and asked her for help. She consulted me first. She is in training to be a mini me, but this is her bestie. She wants to make sure she does him justice. I get it. It is hard to mix business with pleasure. I told her a couple years ago this day would come. Like her brothers, her bestie is not like other boys. When he was a young teen boy, I would find him playing in my dirty hamper and my panty drawer. He was a staple over here in his school days because his mom was a single mom and she often worked late. He would walk home from school with my daughter, and his mom would pick him up later. I considered him a bonus boy. I still do. I suggested she bring him over and we have a play date. My daughter and I are both good with hair, makeup and wardrobe. She is my mini me after all. I put Marc in sissy panties and suggested he burn his boxer briefs for good. This was the first time I saw him naked. Marcus was transformed into Maria with my daughter’s help. She has a micro penis that belongs in panties. Can you relate? My daughter picked out a very girly outfit for Maria. I fitted her with a wig and we both did her makeup. Honestly, Maria could be a ladyboy. Not full trans with a little clitty like that, but a ladyboy for sure. Maria seemed to blossom before our eyes as we transformed her from a he to a she. I am jealous of her slim body and high cheekbones. My daughter and I make a great sissy training duo. Now she has a best girlfriend instead of a best boyfriend and I have another bonus daughter.

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