You Are Not “The Man”

Humiliation phone sexImagine me spending time swiping through men on Tinder to find a hookup. Chatting, even some lite sexting back and forth with this guy. Investing this time and energy to get some dick, admiring the dick pic he sent getting real fucking excited about the idea of letting him ram me quite a bit after our date. So excited that I agree to dinner, a movie, and late-night bowling. Now my sluts know I don’t plan to take out chunks of my day just for any dick. When I tell you the pic he sent was a picture of a cock that belonged to a God. The kind of cock where you stop and think, huh I could marry that dick and be the most caring, nurturing slut for it for the rest of my days. 

So imagine the absolute horror when I get him home and have him drop his pants to see the real product was not what was advertised. No wonder he tried to get so much time with me it was so small I swear to you girlies most of you have bigger clits than that pathetic excuse of a cock. Hell pretty sure my clit is fucking bigger. Despite the stunt he pulled, his balls were tiny and shriveled up too. You would think he would need big ones for lying so boldly but no. So as punishment I’m shaming him. Thus is why you are looking a such a pathetic cock right now. Cause Bigboy Joey from Tinder in the IL area is actually a little dicky Sam. The world of women everywhere should be happy to know that he left with a real sore ass.


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