Why should I hold your hand?

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Why should I hold your hand and lead you thru every single little step of sucking a man’s cock sissy? It’s not like this was the first time you ever sucked a dick, I know you have done it a million times. I have seen you do it myself many times so why are you acting like a little shrinking violet now? Do you think it’s cute to act like a little virgin? All it does is annoy the fuck out of me so now I will have to punish you instead. That’s right, bend over you little brat here comes my biggest strap on cock for your little faggot ass. I’m going to fuck that little asshole of yours until it is gaped wide open and you are begging for mercy. And when I am finished I will make sure to have at least a dozen men here for you to suck off whether you want to or not.

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