Best Sissy Trainer On and Off the Phone

best sissy trainerI enjoy being the best sissy trainer online. My sissy twins will tell you I am the best trainer in the real world too. Most moms would be appalled if they had boys like mine. Even when they were just tots, they were playing in my panty drawer. I knew they were special. They preferred my panties to their superhero underwear. They preferred their sister’s Barbie dolls to their Legos or Matchbox cars. They had crushes on male celebrities. They just never showed any outward masculinity. I started my career as a professional dominatrix. My boys are the reason I became a sissy trainer. I read up on it so I would be able to help them. Parents can harm their offspring if not careful how they handle outside the box interests. They are my boys. Gay or straight. Sissy or masculine, I was going to nurture them. I took them dress shopping. I helped them with their hair and make-up. I taught them how to suck cock and take it up their sissy pussies. They are rocking the sissy look now. They are secure in who they are too. Online sissy training is popular. I get it. You are a closeted sissy with no one to confide in or no one to share your sissy tales with. I helped my two boys become sissy girls so I can help you. Are you ready to come out of the closet yet and embrace your sissy life?

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