Training My Pretty Teen Cunt!

Mistress phone sexIt’s always nice to train some pretty little young bitches to serve me too. As much as I love and adore all my sissy cuck bitches; I also love my cute little teen whores and their sweet young pussy’s. They are usually so intimidated by an older and more dominant woman; they truly do whatever I want and ask for. I don’t even have to remind or demand them to do their job because they all remember what their mistress wants once I train them.

Usually when I train a hot little whore like the one above it tends to be a faster training session. They retain information better than a sissy cuck bitch because they are women and know what being a sub is. They are naturally more willing and submissive since it is in their nature. Their nervousness is generally because they have never been with another girl before so they are scared. I sometimes enjoy making them scared because I can manipulate them however I want.

Sometimes I find it charming and I want to take care of them and be nice so they know I won’t hurt them. That only applies if they do what I want without complaining. This one above was just so scared because she was a virgin and has never done anything sexual ever. She was petrified that I was going to tie her up and whip her like I do with some of my other sissy bitches and other cunts like her. She was so sweet though; I just wanted to play nice and feel her sweet tongue on my clit. She has such a cute little teen body too; I knew I could mold her into whatever I wanted.

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