Taboo phone chat where nothing is ever off limits.

Taboo phone chat          Taboo phone chat where nothing is ever off limits. Sounds odd. Going to hurt you. Going to make you beg? Mistress of pain and all things considered wrong. Are they though? In fact what appears wrong in one way proves to be a turn on. Like have your balls in a torture device. Now going to bet you are thinking taboo? No that’s not taboo. Beyond the normal is considered risqué. Be a sissy little fucking whore balls in a torture device. Lily white sissy pink pussy getting hammered by the biggest fucking big fucking black cock that is able to be found. Advertising it. Making it a public display for one and all to see.

          Besides being a little bitch for me, it is important to remember that I am a very harsh Phone dominatrix. Never will I give you an inch. You will do as you’re told. Else the consequences will be harsh. Promising you won’t like them very much.

          As long as I am in charge, you will do as I say, when I say, how I say. There are no questions. It IS Yes Mistress Master. Not Mommy. Not now not ever will be a Mom to a whining sniveling pathetic little pipsqueak like you. That better be completely clear.

          Now be a good little bitch and be ready for fantasy rape of your fucking pussy.

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