Tiny Dick Date is Forced to Dressed Up Like a Cute Sissy

Forced Feminization


I had a date with a guy, and he came back to my place. We were both horny so I undressed in front of him, revealing my big tits and beautiful shaved pussy. When he undressed, I laughed at him. His cock was so tiny that you could barely see it in a microscope. I told him that if I wanted to fuck a woman, I would have brought home a woman and not some small dick loser. I got some panties, a dress, heels and pantyhose out and placed them on the couch. I told him that if he didn’t get dressed in them that I would tell everyone in the city how small his cock was and he would never get another date again. He put on the clothes for me, looking like such a cute girl in his new clothes. With some more work, I could make him into a fuckable sissy. I told him to give me a little strut down the hallway, showing off his catwalk skills. Then, I asked him to give me a little sexy dance. To my excitement, that sissy loser was enjoying this. Maybe I have a new sissy captive.

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