Forced sissy training for drunk brother

My brother has always acted like a big shot. So, when he came over to my house drunk as a kite, I was going to take full advantage of it. I was going to do some Forced sissy training on him. I told him how I always hated how he thought he was better than little sis when little sis gets more pussy than he does. He laughed and I grabbed his tongue and got him on his knees. My BBC sissy trainer friend came out of the room and clapped at the view of his tongue squeezed in between my fingers and him on his knees like a little bitch. I pulled my brother’s cock out and stepped on it with my heels when he opened his mouth and yelped. I had my bbc friend stick his cock in his mouth. He got faced fucked hard as I told him from now on, he would crawl around and clean up my messes when he came over.

Forced sissy training

If I wanted him to milk a cock he would, I rubbed his cock as my fellow sissy trainer was filling up my brother’s mouth. Then my brother came all over my hand. That is when he learned Sissy maid training meant he had to clean up all the cummy mess around, even his. 

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