Time to Be a Real Sissy

Phone domination


I will not go easy on you. My girls all go to become champion dick suckers and premium cock whores. They can deepthroat a cock so big that you will wonder whether the cock disappears inside of their throats. I will not let any sissies leave my sissy academy without their outfits perfect, their cock game on par and their minds ready to serve. You are a cock-hungry faggot ready to gobble up any cock in sight. What exactly will you do when you come in contact with one? Choke and tear up after a few inches enter you? Will you cry out in pain when he barely puts the tip in? Will you stumble all over your cheap heels when he’s done with you, looking like a clown as you walk down the street? That is why you need to be trained by the best. When you walk down the street, the men will stare and want a piece of your ass. If there was a medal for taking cock, you would take gold. You will be the perfect sissy slut as you do not whine or cry, but let those men use you like the cock slut that you are. I will train you, dominate you and you will become the perfect sissy. 

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