The Best Sissy Trainer

best sissy trainerI love it when my sissies tell me I am the best sissy trainer for them. I have a new sissy in my posse. Lately, I have been only taking on phone sissies because my life is busy with my sons and daughter. This guy was a unique sissy. Unique because he is a high profile political leader in my community. A politician with a secret life is not unusual but I don’t normally work with political leaders. I had to investigate him to make sure he didn’t stand for everything I am against. I love being paid to be a sissy trainer, but I won’t lose my soul to do it. I arranged a meeting with him. We agreed on a price and I drew up a sissy contract. He made me sign an NDA. Another first. I have extensive history with closeted sissies who for whatever reason, can’t be open about their lifestyle. This guy was no different. He came over last night for his first lesson. All sissies need to begin with appearance. You must dress the part to look the part. I began with sissy panties. No sissy should ever be in boxer briefs. For one, it’s not feminine. Secondly, a sissy has a clit not a cock and a clit will get lost maybe even hurt in boxers. I put her in some pink lacy panties and watched her transform. Panties alone can make a big difference. That was just the start. I dressed her and did her make-up too. If her constituents saw the real her, she might lose the next election. Her secret is safe with me. Sissy trainers keep your secrets unless you want to be outed. A good sissy trainer works within the constraints of her sissy’s world. My relationship with my new high-profile sissy will continue to thrive behind the closed doors of my home.

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