Best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainerMistress phone sexMost of you know me as the bitch that always gets her way and the best sissy trainer. The bitch that spends her time tormenting little cuckys and pathetic sissys. But today I am going to be teaching someone else how to be as bitchy as I am! She is a very young one, but don’t let that fool you. I sent one of my favorite sissy bitches to Aiden, she loves to torture and torment. This sissy bitch likes to have pain inflicted upon him and feel so many cocks filling up his holes that he couldn’t even count how many. That isn’t it though he loves to be humiliated. He wanted to be a pretty girl, not a fake loser man. So he begged Aiden and me to cut off his goods. What he had was small and wimpy. He was forced to call us Mistress and forced to watch as many other men pleasured our holes. Then we made him eat the cum out of our cunts. We were going to really make him suffer as he wanted, he begged to be our little pain slut. You won’t believe what I taught Aiden to do.

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