The Best Sissy Trainer Trains Your Sissy Hole

best sissy trainer

Pathetic sissy boys like you make me sick. You deserve to have that ass destroyed by the best sissy trainer  on this side of the internet. You’re just a pathetic little set of holes and you know it, don’t you? If not. Let me remind you. On your knees pet. All four like a bitch in heat. I’m going to make sure that boy pussy is put to good use.
You’re not just going to get this dick that easy. You’re going to have to prove that you are a faggot worthy of my silicone. I want to hear you whine and whimper like a little girl. You’re taking a hard paddle to your ass until you’re bright fucking red. I want to see you shaking in pain, when I finally force this dick into your little sissy ass.
I’m going to break you down until you’re begging for it. You want to be force fucked like a little fucking whore. That’s all you are made for. If it wasn’t my strap, it would be some guys huge cock. One that puts that pathetic clit between your thighs to shame. A real dick. And you’re going to fucking beg for it little faggot. You’re going to beg for it or I will force you to take it.

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