The Best Sissy Trainer for Christmas

best sissy trainer

Give your self the best sissy trainer for Christmas. I am not saying it is me. All the sissy trainers on this site are a cut above the rest. We all have different specialties, approaches and experiences with sissies. I tend to be a sweet and nurturing sissy trainer because my experience with sissies comes from my twin boys. That does not mean I cannot be a badass because before I became a sissy trainer, I was a professional dominatrix. I have years of experience with cock and ball torture, edge play, pegging and sounding. Sometimes, I must be a phone dominatrix to my sissies because they are disobedient and in need of punishment. Take Chrissy for example. She disobeyed direct orders not to masturbate. She took her clitty cage off without permission and jacked off all day. She confessed but with no remorse. She got sassy trying to tell me I am not a real sissy trainer because I cannot really do anything on the phone. Now, sissy trainer and a sissy must agree on how the relationship will go and what is expected from both parties. I told Chrissy if she did not provide photos with a time stamp on them to show me she was adhering to my punishment, I would get her blackballed from doing sissy phone sex. I also told her I would expose her on the Internet. That is right sissies, I will blackmail you when you leave me no choice. I prefer to be a sweet sissy trainer, but I will react as a bad ass bitch when a sissy is unruly. I made Chrissy hurt her clitty and her balls for me. She had to slap her clitty and her balls, even slam them in a book. Thirty minutes of abusing her clitty and balls, and I made her record a video, so I knew she was doing it. She is singing a better tune now as my sissy. Understand that I want to be a nice sissy trainer, but I will be a bad ass dominatrix if your actions warrant it.

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