Merry Christmas From The Sissy Cuck Kingdom

Best Sissy Trainer

Merry Christmas from the sissy cuck kingdom. I, Queen Presley, have come to collect you and bring you into the castle for your forced sissy training. I don’t care that you don’t want to go. You’ll learn to love it in time, I promise. I know you secretly crave to be forced into a little chastity cage, covered by girly bitch panties and a skirt. My girls are taught to be whores, but with an elegant grace. I produce high class GFE sissy sluts, fit for royal ownership. Come on now, let’s get you all shaved up and caged up. Your poor little cock will weep and drip for the first few months, but the sooner you realize that’s not a manhood, but a little clit, the better off you’ll be. Your wife called me. She said her cuck slut needed some sissification and feminization. I’m here to make you mine.

I want to make you into my perfect little fuck slut. I can guide you in elegance, and whorish behavior. You’ll be the best little cock sucker in your class, I promise. You’ll be swallowing thick, long cocks, and I’ll be masturbating my perfect, tight pussy while I watch your oral fuck hole get slammed. I love the look on your face as you get throat. So why are you waiting? Strip down, and put on your collar,

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