The Best Sissy Trainer

best sissy trainerI love being the best sissy trainer. I am skilled in all things sissy. I have this ability to look at a sissy and know just what she needs. I even can recognize a sissy when she has not yet realized it yet. I met Marc at the mall. I was shopping for pantyhose and heels. I am an old school woman. I like the look and feel of hose on my body. I also enjoy how sexy I look in heels. I heard that The Mars company is ditching the heels on the green M and M and replacing them with sneakers to appeal to the millennials do not relate to heels. Fuck that shit. Heels are sexy. Heels make a woman a queen. I saw him checking me out, but not in the way most men check me out. He was mesmerized with the pantyhose. Only a closeted sissy looks at pantyhose that way. I walked up to him, took his hand, and put it on my pantyhose clad thigh. It was a test. His dick sprang to life. Not that I could see his likely tiny nub in his pants, but he shifted and covered his crotch like all men who get an erection in a public setting. I took him into the dressing room and put him in some panties and hose. A sissy was born. The beam in his eyes told me he wanted sissy training. He came to my place later that night for a full transition. Not only did he wear pantyhose, but I put him in high heels and a dress. A sexy wrap around micro dress and designer heels. I added some make-up, and a star was born. I invited a stud over to test drive my new merchandise. I do not just make a sissy look the part. I make a sissy act the part too. And just like that, another sissy was discovered.

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