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bbc sissy trainerI am a great BBC sissy trainer because I am a BBC whore. I currently have a sweet girl, Bambi, I am training to be a great bbc whore too. She used to be a guy, but now she is mommy’s pretty cock sucking princess. She looks so pretty in her skirt and heels, cute top and sexy under things. I started her training in the glory holes. Couple weeks ago, I dressed her like a pretty slut and took her to this glory hole known for lots of big black dicks. I watched her hone her big dick sucking skills as black cock after black cock came through the walls. That was a good beginning.  She drained many big black cocks. She got a taste for cum. Cock sucking is just the beginning in my sissy training program. Bambi was over when I was having some adult entertainment for myself. I am a cock size queen. I love those big black cocks. I was entertaining those big anacondas while Bambi watched in awe. I couldn’t let her sit on the sidelines. I brought her into the fun. She is a natural black cock bimbo. BBC slut Bambi is what my black lovers call her now. She was sucking on big thick black cocks. She was guzzling down cum. She was even getting her special pussy filled with cum. I was so proud of Bambi. She is a mirror creation of me.

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    • Bambi on November 9, 2019 at 1:24 am

    Yes, mommy turned me, Barbie, into her wanton bimbo Barbie big black delicious juicy cock loving sissy slave, and I love mommy dearly for it! She’s so helpful when I struggle to get those big cocks all the way down my slutty throat and when their tearing apart my pussy as they bounce me up and down on those meaty shafts! Mommy always has friends at the ready to give me what I crave! Thank you mommy!

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