Taboo phone chat by She Demon you Desire

Taboo phone chat

My minions bellow at my feet when I push them to their limits with Taboo phone chat. So many men have no clue the depths at which we can travel when we push the limits and make them my bitch. They clearly can’t make me their bitch so I’ve made them my bitch boys to serve and obey. Fancy business men are made to wither beneath the weight of my boots. Some say they can withstand some CBT but most are too sissy to take what I have to offer. The pathetic sissies whine and complain about wanting this and wanting that but they can only live up to the sissy they strive to be if they completely give into my desires, worshiping every inch of my body just the way I desire. I am a GODDESS meant to be worshiped. There is very little they can do for me outside of what I demand. I savor the moments where I smash their faces with my full firm ass, controlling their breathe and life. Other times looking down at their face between my legs, as their eyes water, while I grind my pussy to pleasure against their worthless faces, I’m able to come.

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