Stevie gets her Clitty Spanked

Sissy Girl TrainingYou see those nice acrylic high heels I am wearing? And those short shorts and cut off tank top? Those are things that my sissy Stevie begs to wear. But Stevie has been a bad girl. She has become quite the little slut and can’t get enough of pounding her little man pussy with her big black dildo. Normally that would not be a problem, but Stevie leaves her little clitty messes all over the place and never cleans them up. So today I decided that Stevie was going to learn to clean up all her little cunnies and as a reward she could wear this outfit of mine she so longs to wear. We started by removing her butt plug and inserting a remote-control dildo, that will vibrate whenever I press the button. Stevie put on some satin panties and we sat down to watch her favorite shemale porn. Less than 5 minutes in and she had already made a mess. I ordered her to clean it up and she back talked. I pulled those panties down and smacked that clitty with a wooden spoon a few times and told her I would continue until she cleaned up her mess. Tears filled her eyes as she licked them all up. I then started the tape again. Same thing, 5 minutes and back talk. More clitty spanking and then finally she cleaned it up. She is a tough one. I then turned on that vibrator and started the tape again but this time I didn’t stop it as she made mess after mess after mess. I told her not to touch her mess, just yet. After her panties were soaked and it was running down her legs, I took them off and put them in her mouth to chew, therefore forcing her to clean herself. I got her a fresh pair of panties and put back on the tape. I told her that we will continue all night if we have too. After a few pair of fresh panties and a few more clitty smacks she was immediately cleaning up her cunnies. As a reward, I removed my outfit and let her wear it. She looked beautiful.

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