Small Dick is a Deal Breaker

sissy humiliation training

It really is a shame that you have such a small cock. You’re not half bad looking but that lil dick is a deal breaker.  What superior sexy woman do you know that’ll settle for a tiny little cock like that? You’re so fucking pathetic the only way that I would even consider speaking to you is if you paid me for it. And honestly, the conversation better be short because I don’t like to waste too much of my time on lil dick pansies. My clit is bigger than that teeny tater tot in your panties and your nuts look like two sad ass seedless grapes. LOL. Let’s just get that embarrassment of a dick locked away in Chastity so you can concentrate on worshiping my ass and twat. I don’t need your little cunt to start squirting while I grind my ass crack up and down your face. Nose dive in my perfect booty while you tongue fuck my pussy hole. I’m gonna make your ass work since you can’t make me cum any other way! When mistress begins to squirt, I’ll squat over your baby dick in a cage and let my wetness soak you. Once I’m done using you as my slutty toilet paper and cleaning my pissy cunt with your mouth,  you can use that juice to finish yourself off. You better make sure you eat up every last bit of cum after you’re done. You know I don’t like a mess!

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    • sissymissy on June 17, 2022 at 1:36 pm
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    i have a small peepe i want a cunnie

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