Humiliation Phone Sex For Small Cock Pathetic Sissys

Humiliation phone sex calls are hilarious.  I mean how can they not be? Paying me to degrade your little vienna sausage. I just can’t with some of you faggots.

“Look at this,” I sneer as I grab that thing in between your legsroughly between two fingers and began twisting it back and forth like a loose rubber band. “This is what passes for a cock these days?” Pathetic!

Your pathetic faggot ass whimpered pitifully but said nothing; after all, no words could defend such an embarrassment of nature’s workmanship as that tiny thing dangling from his groin area.

“I bet you think you can please a woman with this pathetic excuse for a cock,” I taunt as you turn red and start tearing up like a little bitch.  I give your tic-tac another hard yank. “Well let me tell you something: it’s not going to happen.”

With that, I pulled out one of my favorite toys – a strap-on dildo so large and realistic it could make even the most experienced sluts blush. “This,” I said darkly as I pressed its massive head against your tight little hole, “is what real men use to fuck their women…or in your case, your ‘woman.'”

You try to protest but all that came out was a high-pitched squeal as I forced myself into your pussy ass hole; every inch stretching you wider than he ever thought possible. Your face turned beet red from both pain and humiliation as you felt yourself being taken by something far more substantial than anything you’d ever encountered before.

“You like that?” I asked mockingly between thrusts. “Feel manly now?”

Of course not; all you could do was cry and beg for mercy while taking every inch of my massive cock like the sissy slut you truly are. And when I finally came, filling you up with hot cum that would leave a lasting reminder of your place in this world, all I could do was laugh at your pathetic cries and tell you to clean yourself up before leaving – because no one wanted a mess like you around for too long.

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