Sissy Training Allows Me to Make Beautiful Creations

sissy trainingI love sissy training. Right here is a picture of a perfect femboy. Some days, I feel like Dr. Frankenstein because I make such beautiful creations. Well, maybe Dr. Frankenstein is not the proper analogy because there is nothing monstrous about Ashley. Look at her? Isn’t she the cutest little femboy you have ever seen. Two years in the making too.

I began working with her when she was still attending high school. She is one of my daughter’s BFFs. Yes, she was born a boy, but never felt right in boy clothing or doing boy things. Just like my sissy sons. Ashley spent a lot of time in my closest playing dress up. Sound like you? Imagine how great you could look under my tutelage. I am the best sissy trainer for a reason. However, to be fair, Ashley looked feminine when she was young. She acted more like a girl than a boy from the get-go.

I Turn Men Into Cute Little Femboys

When her father kicked her out of the house, her mother did nothing to intervene. I left my husband when he wanted to send our sweet sons to some conversion therapy school like in the 50s.  Not on my watch. So, Ashley came to live with us. She is my bonus daughter. And what single woman does not want a beautiful bonus girl in the house?

I let Ashley get on hormone blockers. And I let her be her. My daughter and I made sure Ashley knew how to dress for her cute thin shape. We helped her grow her hair. And we even showed her make-up tips. Ashley looks more like a teenage girl than most teenage girls, LOL. But with one exception. She has this cute little clitty. Ashley’s body appears smooth. We got rid of what little body hair she had. Honestly, I believe Ashley was just born in the wrong body. You ever feel like that?

Now my sexy, cute little creation is looking for a daddy. She wants a daddy with a big dick and a fat wallet to spoil her inside and out. Isn’t that what all little femboys want? Just imagine what some femboy training could do for you?

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