Sissy Training On and Off the Phone Gives Me Sissy Mom Pride

sissy trainingI love sissy training. In fact, I have a sissy’s dream closest. It is full of vintage and modern lingerie, pretty dresses, all kinds of underwear, stockings and high heels. My daughter and I are a sissy trainer duo. We share custody of a few sissies. One more recently, is a friend of hers from high school. He was born in the wrong body. I knew it before he did. She is living her best life as a sissy now thanks to my daughter and I. He works from home doing computer graphics, so no one cares if he looks like a pretty girl while he works. I know most of my sissies cannot be out about who they are. Sissy phone sex is the best they can aspire to. But when I get my hands on a sissy without a care in the world, I go all out. My daughter and I took our sissy to this road stop sex shop. They are all over the highways on the east coast. It was a Lion’s Den. Maybe you have heard of them, or even been inside one. Many of them have glory holes. They attract a lot of truckers who honestly do not give a fuck who is sucking their cock. My girl and I dressed up our shared sissy. She is only 19, like my daughter, so I knew she would be popular. Tight holes, soft skin and pretty lips. I dressed her up in a pretty pink dress. Not frilly, but slinkier. I was going for the lot lizard / hooker vibe. My daughter did her hair and makeup. I oversaw the wardrobe. We took our pretty girl to get some cock at the Lion’s Den where she was the belle of the ball. She sucked over 20 cocks. My girl and I had some femboy training pride because our girl swallowed every drop too. She even took cock in her back door sissy hole and made her clitty squirt. I was a proud sissy mom. Think you can make me that proud?


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