Sissy training is a requirement Lucky, it is not optional!

Sissy trainingLucky sissy is off in the Bahamas somewhere looking for any excuse to get away from his girlfriend. He is eager to dress-up like a cock sucking slut and worship big black cocks for me.. Can you believe he was late for Sissy training this week?! Do you guys think I should cut him some slack?! Although all I have been doing is thinking of all the filthy ways I plan on exposing him and having his v card stolen.

I spoke to Stanley the day before yesterday and instructed him to stop by the faggots house. I wanted to reassure myself, that he is really on vacation and not trying to find his way out of being the faggot that he should embarrass that; (he is.) Could you imagine how deprived his man pussy must feel, right now..

Lucky, if you are reading this Slut put a butt  plug in your ass tonight and hide Sissy panties underneath your trousers.. I want you rubbing your anus on any hard surface your can find… Whether while out to dinner with your “girlfriend” – Or – after a romantic evening you two spent looking up at the stars. IDC –> Do as you’re told slut or suffer the consequences; all is fair in love and war! <– If I am going to let you slut out with this so called “girlfriend” *eye roll* and not tax you………….

Then you are going to have to repay me in some way! (: Faggot, Goddess is craving your attention. I hope you aren’t jealous of me because you’ll never have a Bonus~hole LOL… Told ya that man pussy of yours is more than enough especially when you are assumed in  doggystyle position with your ass arched up in the air. You are going to be put over my knee and spanked Lucky, so I can give you a taste of my attitude as a Phone dominatrix if you don’t call me S.O.O.N.

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