Sissy training, brainwashing boys into strict Sissygams only

Sissy trainingYour femboy boypussy needs to be fucked and creampied… Be a good slut and make daddy cum! During Sissy training, you are going to show Daddy how good you are at managing to swallow up every inch of his 10-inch cock inside of your fuckholes and he’ll reward you with a cream filling. You are to please men and drink cum, that is your sole purpose! Daddy is going to fuck you so good and hard he is going to turn your asshole into a pussy. First, you will prepare his cock by giving him a sloppy Deepthraot blowjob, then I want you on your back missionary style so you can look at how masculine he is and feel stripped of your masculinity as he digs deep into your bussy.

Online sissy training was only the beginning of your ventures, I am going to turn you into a total cock sucking whore! All of those pegging sessions and punishments, whenever you didn’t perform to my standards, were just my way of grooming you. Did you think you were going to be on your knees swallowing fake cum for the rest of your life? Well, if you did you were fooled! You crave cock, admit it… You’ve already up the size of your dildo to the biggest one you could find at the sex store… Those dildos aren’t enough for you anymore, you need the real deal.

Big black cocks, is what will satiate those cravings!

This was all just sissy slut progression training… Now, it’s time for me to see for myself that all those sessions have paid off. You’ve spent so many days on your knees begging to be creampied and telling me how desperate you feel for the real deal. You have been brainwashed ladyboy, don’t worry once you experience your first Sissygasm while being barebacked you won’t regret it one bit. I will help you complete your transformation even if it takes Forced feminization!

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