Sissy panties

Sissy panties


Sissy panties are one of my favorite fetishes when it comes to my sissies. They love wearing the most beautiful fabrics, colors and textures. And they always look so good too. I like to have my sissies turn around and show me that tight little ass in those panties. Maybe even give it a little smack or two. I love the way your bulge looks in those tight panties too.

                I would love to watch you take those sexy panties off and masturbate with them. I want to watch you rub them all over that fat cock and all over your face as you moan in pleasure. Every stroke of your dick needs to be covered by those panties.

                Let’s have a panty party. We can get a bunch of different kinds of panties and throw them on the bed. Then we get in the bed and roll around on all these panties and grab handfuls and throw them up in the air. We’d be in panty heaven!

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