Bright Purple Panties

Sissy PantiesSlippery and filled with cum was the best way to describe my heavenly cunt when I let my prime big dicked sissy have his way with me earlier today. It was a reward for truly understanding his place, and having a very massive man meat with which I could treat myself. He was the model Sissy, I had to reward him, he called me goddess every time he had to speak up, he waited until I allowed him to talk, he begged me to take his money and didn’t look up from his feet until I let him. Most importantly, he had such a long needy dick hidden behind his bright purple panties! I couldn’t resist, wouldn’t have resisted even if I could, and he never broke character even as he pumped heaving loads of cum right into my greedy slut slit. That I had another less fortunate sissy on hand to eat it all out was just more evidence that it had to happen. I wonder if he’ll call again soon, because I’m really looking forward to another training session, and hopefully the lessons stuck because I’m looking forward to a sloppy wet and sticky reward even more.

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    • Patrick on April 26, 2022 at 12:41 pm
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    I wish I had a big dick to please you mistress. Im such a loserrrrr. I have to stay in chastity and suck the cum from your purple panties

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