Sissy slave training from me is what you need

I don’t want a weak sissy; I want a bitch that is ready to get Sissy slave training. It doesn’t matter if you are not ready for a bbc, with me you will get ready. You have whore uniform to wear, so put it on bitch. Then I grab you and push you to your knees. “Come on little whore kiss my feet and surrender yourself to me”. That mouth of yours kissed me like a puppy bitch as I put my strap cock right on.

Your hair is a perfect handle for me to pull on. Open that whore mouth of yours bitch! After that I fuck your throat hard you choke and gag. It is what I need to get my cock lubed up. That fucking cunty of yours is going to be broken in by this big black cock strap. Spread that pussy you little whore. Your asshole will be the only thing I will use today. With my foot on your back your ass is just where I want it.

Sissy slave training

I spit right on your pussy whole and slam my cock right inside you. Then you moan out and it excites me, all you feel is the pounding of my strap cock and the sting on my paddle on your ass. Know your place bitch and that is to worship me and take whatever I have for you. That is my job as the Best sissy trainer. Making feminine bitches to worship me and know their place in the world.

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