Sissy phone slave’s like you get pounded into submission!

Sissy phonSissy phone slave’s like you get pounded into submission! Now my sugarplum, You need to submit to me. You know your sissy whore is screaming to be set free and I am the Goddess to grant your wish. We will first need to prepare you for your transformation, I won’t  sugar-coat it for you, your holes will be push beyond their limits and you will choke on dick. It will be a sissy extravaganza that’ll leave your bussy sore!

I need to get you ready for our special party, there are a lot of guys looking to meet you and wanting to use you as meat. I will deck you out in the sluttiest outfit, I think bright red latex is right for you, that thong will be tight up your ass and your matching bra will make it look like you have nice big tits. You will be my blonde bimbo whore serving all of my guests!

Once the party gets going, I will get a large audience and they will all watch you clean the loads of cum out of my ass. You will be a good little faggot slut and eat up that cum. I will have your face completely buried in my holes and your little clitty will quiver! My darling, you must adorn all the throbbing hard cocks that are ready for own your tight sissy hole. You will submit completely and be reminded every minute you have a cock inside you that you are nothing but a sissy cum slave! Your Sissy panties will be destroyed and so will your holes.

You are going to look absolutely adorable with all your make-up smeared everywhere. You think you have had enough but that is just when the fun starts. See you are still resistant, you keep lying to yourself, thinking you aren’t a faggot and you know that’s just a fucking lie. That is why I record you getting fucked like the faggot whore you are. And you know if you don’t completely submit, then I’m sending out all those videos. Everyone will know what kind of dirty little slut you are. Don’t worry sugarplum, I will feed you drugs to take the edge off, and maybe a little hypnotism. You will submit to my Sissy slave training, you have no choice!


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